Thursday, May 18, 2017

In 2004, i started to see Chicago's gentrification process/problem begin to level historically significant structures in and around my neighborhood. I was watching Chicago's history being squandered on a daily basis . I felt overwhelmed with a personal obligation to photograph and preserve Chicago's adored yet endangered buildings. Working digitally, with natural light, I have photographed the interiors of several hundred Chicagoland locations over the years. By composing images completely at the time of exposure, without later manipulating the photo with digital applications, I extract images that expose to the viewer an almost firsthand look into a no longer existent structure. This specific photo work has been a long and interesting endeavor that has engrossed my life and has thrust me deep inside some of Chicago's most eerily beautiful abandoned/slated for demolition structures. Partaking in something much bigger than myself, I feel humbled by the success ive had in aggressively pursuing our forgotten yet adored structures.

Tuesday, July 19, 2016

The Uptown Theater 2017^^^While they feverishly work to built a "New Chicago," Lets not forgot the good old days.. #elevatedloop #Randolph/wabashstationdeconstruction #forgottenyetadored #CHICAGO,ILOriginal Bead board interior, exposed during the main station house's deconstruction process. Wall to the left was prob what was offered as aesthetic, when ascending to the station house, in the 40's. poss earlier..
Former sanctuary for chicago's abused and neglected children. #cabrinigreen #rowhouseremnnants Southern Illinois Mental Hospital A need for sanctuary.
Historic building at 209 w. lake st. One of the first buildings constructed after the chicago fire. Demolished in 2016. Remnants of the night club that once resided on the ground floor of the building. #lincolnparkchildrenshospital #finaldays total interior demolition. #infectiousdiseaselabs Wrigleyville Taco Bell.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Unrenovated walkway down. Gutted Subterranean arcade walkway, during the Wilson Redline Renovation Project 2016 .

Thursday, October 10, 2013


Prentice hospital. (the place of my birth.
Northside funeral home. (THIS COMMUNITY CENTER WAS ERECTED IN THE 1940'S FOR THE CHILDREN OF THE IDA B.WELLS HOMES. ( ONLY HAND PRINTS REMAINED ON MY FINAL TRIP INSIDE) #forgottenyetadored Demolition of Downtown Chicago's Rock and Roll Mcdonalds. The arches fell 1/30/18 Edgewater Hospital (Final daysThe hyperbaric chamber that once resided deep within, briefly discarded in a scrap heap. A cabrini state of mind. #therearenochildrenhere